Injection moulding

How injection moulding works

One the most common and recognisable plastic manufacturing processes is injection moulding. Injection moulding uses thermoplastics and most of the plastic products we use in our daily lives are made from using this process.

Injection moulding can be used to produce complicated three-dimensional parts that are both of high quality and consistency. It is well-suited to the mass production of products ranging from cell phone stands to toys.

Most injection moulding processes use thermoplastics because these can be melted and cooled many times to limit wasting material.

That said, special catalysts can be added to create thermoset plastic products during the injection moulding process like cured silicone rubber parts.

Step by step

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Step 1

In injection moulding, resin pellets are melted inside a machine that has a heated barrel.

Step 2

An auger or screw moves the plastic forward and makes sure the plastic is well-mixed and evenly melted.

Step 3

The machine then drives the melted plastic into a metal mould. Once the plastic cools to a solid, the mould opens and the finished product is ejected.

Uses for injection moulding

Injection moulding is a precise process and can be used to create complicated shapes like medical components and plastic model kits.

It is also well-suited to mass producing products like automotive parts, consumer goods, Lego, plastic cutlery, plastic containers and children’s toys. Basically all plastic around you that is not a bottle, bag, pipe , profile or sheet has been injection moulded.

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