Plastics cooling machines

Plastics cooling machines

About plastics cooling machines

One of the biggest benefits of choosing good plastics cooling machinery is the increased productivity from managing transfer of heat in the production process.

Cooling systems not only help in cooling the plastics in the manufacturing preocess, but also your equipment too. This helps make your process more energy efficient and brings down the running costs of your manufacturing process. It also extends the life of your equipment.

Including cooling machines also don’t require gravity returns or underground ‘pools’. Again this cuts down costs and makes it easy to expand your plastics manufacturing machinery.

Exclusive South African agents for Frigel

DemaPlasTech is the exclusive South African agent for Frigel plastic process cooling machinery.

Frigel is the World Leader in Plastic Process Cooling.  Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in Plastic Process Cooling, Frigel is a real “technical consultant”, able to clearly identify the best solution in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact  and thus return on investment for each application.

Frigel can save you 95% power compared to a traditional chiller 99% water compared with a traditional open cooling tower.

Frigel products we offer and maintain

Frigel EcodryGEL

Closed loop Adiabatic cooling towers up to 1200kw of cooling

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Compact water cooled process chiller/heater from -5 to 90 degrees

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Frigel TurboGEL

Mould temperature controller up to 90 degrees

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Compact industrial chillers up to 911kw of cooling

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