Plastic granulator machines

Plastic granulator machines

About plastics granulating in the manufacturing process

Plastics granulation is an important step in your plastics production process. When deciding on your equipment it is worth considering:

  • Is the granulator right for the task?
  • Can it be easily maintained?
  • Is the knife design optimised for good grind speeds?
  • Can the granulator fit in with the rest of your machinery?

DemaPlasTech can help advise you on the right granulator for your specific needs.

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For more than 25 years, MO-DI-TEC has developed and manufactured granulators for the plastics industry. Innovation and manufacturing quality are the basis of our know-how and enable us to recommend adapted solutions for your applications.

A pioneer in the industry today, we are the low speed (25 rpm) grinding specialist.

The low speed enables you to grind tough thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PA (FV), PC, PBT, POM… with less wear, very quiet operations, very little dust and a small footprint.

Moditec products we offer and maintain

MoDiTec MINI Goliath

from 134×114 to 134×300 throat size

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from 228×172 to 228×453 throat size

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504×457 throat size

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746 x 840 throat size

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We can help with:

Supply and installation of new Moditec plastics granulators

Service and maintenance contracts of your existing Moditec plastics granulators

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