Conveying, drying and blending

Conveying, drying and blending

Optimising your plastics manufacturing process

Getting your conveying, drying, blending and bulk storage right in your plastics manufacturing is important. Some benefits include:

  • Making best use of your staff resources
  • Reducing the amount and complexity of system maintenance
  • Efficient use of raw materials and management of finished goods
  • Reduced operating costs and time
  • Increased safety

We can advise on , maintain and supply a range of equipment that will be right for your business.

Exclusive South African agents for SIMAR

SIMAR offers  sophisticated and practical systems for conveying, drying and blending an extremely wide range of bulk materials.

SIMAR is not designed for the plastics industry, but for use with foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. No matter whether you work with granular or powder bulk materials, we have many standard as well as custom solutions to convey your products.

and Moretto Plastics Automation

Moretto Plastics Automation

Moretto specializes in feeding , conveying, dosing , drying and storage of bulk raw materials for the injection, extrusion, PET industries as well as custom engineered solutions.

SIMAR products we offer and maintain

Simar Loading systems

Loading systems with up to 1500kg/hr throughput

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Simar Dessicant driers

Desiccant driers with drying up to 160 degrees

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Simar Colour dosing systems

Colour dosing system – volumetric and gravimetric

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Moretto products we offer and maintain

Moretto - Feeding and conveying

A wide range of containers which can be combined with different suction unit sizes for plastic granule conveying.

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We can help with:

Supply and installation of new conveying, drying and blending machinery

Service and maintenance contracts for your existing machinery

Turnkey conveying, drying and blending projects

If you would like to know more about how we can help with conveying, drying and blending of plastics

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